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Event reception

> Event reception

Above all, it is a relationship, an act of communication whose techniques it is important to master to enhance and defend the image of your company,

That's why Arty Caters offers tailored team solutions, bringing together many complementary activities

Home Events - Sales promotion: (Commercial animations, Street Marketing ... - Organizational consulting) to assist you in your projects to make your home an effective communication tool, during your events whatever their nature :

(Congresses, conferences, seminars, symposiums, forums, general assemblies, road shows, team building, exhibitions, fairs, exhibitions, openings, festivals, shows, galas, receptions, prestigious evenings, cocktails, preview, tv shows, events cultural, media and sports ...) by making every effort to meet your objectives and in strict compliance with your requirements to make each of your events a success.

Your agency Arty Caters puts at your disposal

Quality reception staff

(human qualities, language skills, organizational skills, listening and team spirit are taken into account.) selected, trained and briefed according to your requirements, to make your reception more professional

Competitive and accurate quotes

appropriate to the realities of the market; Or you can transparently control your costs without commitments.

A follow-up throughout your events

In order to guarantee quality services.

> Customize the reception of your Event

To make your reception more personalized, our agency offers the flocking service of t-shirts.

You will be able to customize t-shirts in the image of your evening. Our hostesses will wear them during your professional event. Earn visibility!

> Street Marketing

Boost your marketing strategy by directly demarcating your customers on the street and put the odds on your side in your own way!

The Street Marketig has an originality and a real event dimension, which will allow your brands / companies to surprise your audiences and spread a positive reflection, appearing in an unusual way through the implementation of operations and interactive animations intended to make the buzz.

Arty Caters provides its hosts to best convey the message of your company, your image and present your products and services through street marketing operations Combined with other media (gamification, augmented reality …) which is a very dynamic vector whose main purpose is visibility on YouTube and other social networks.

Ensure your success by using our services for various commercial operations such as: (Sales, Holiday, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Birthdays, Inauguration) So we offer the following services:


What's better than t-shirts with your image to approach your customers on the street? Distribute advertising objects while getting noticed, this is the Street Marketing! Improve your reputation by standing out from others with our services So do not wait any longer and be effective by opting for originality!


Make your company known with ease and relaxation by distributing a flyer, flyer, brochure, advertising object, offer samples of your products to expand the knowledge of customers about your products and succeed in generating an increase in sales or choose a Segway Segway, a true catalyst of sympathy.

It is as soon as possible and with rigor that our agency helps you to realize your project of outsourcing the reception service.


We accompany you in your events by offering you the services of hosts or prestigious hostesses.